AmSECT Societal S&G Flipped Classroom (EDU-604-04262021)

This is one of five 2021 AmSECT International Conference flipped classrooms featuring interviews by leaders from International perfusion societies who are discussing the development of their perfusion practice standards and guidelines (S&G).

This class features the S&G development by the American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (AmSECT) and an interview with Mr. James Reagor (AmSECT President), and Dr. Rob Baker (Former ICEBP Chairman and ANZCP President).

By the end of this module the learner will be able to:

1. To understand the S&G development process employed by the national society.

2. To appreciate the steps that the society leaders employed to develop their S&G document.

3. To be able to review the published S&G document from the national society.

Expected time to complete this module: 50 minutes

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  • AmSECT Leadership Standards and Guidelines Interview
  • AmSECT Standards and Guidelines
  • AmSECT Standards and Guidelines_EDU-604-04262021_Post Course Quiz
  • 2021 AmSECT Flipped Classroom Post Course Survey- AmSECT_EDU-604-04262021
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